A Few DC Neighborhoods




Washington DC is a very large area in the United States in terms of population. The metropolitan population is ranked as 7th in the nation, as there are 5.58 million people calling the area home. The area is known for being the most densely political area in the country and is home to a very large concentration of government entities. The city has also been plagued by crime in the past, as well as scandal. The area has a rich history that is no doubt one of the major reasons why people invest a lot of time in the city. The area is home to large economic areas, large government projects, institutions and much more. The city is broken down into 8 sectors, and each one has a variety of neighborhoods. Consider the following as just a sampling:


  • Capitol Hill – This major neighborhood is the first major option that people look into when considering the city. This area is home to the largest concentration of government entities. This area surrounds the capitol building and has a great deal of historical housing and row houses, much like Philadelphia does. With so many people working in the government in this area, cuisine, museums, and historical landmarks are prevalent. Tourism is quite high in this area, with millions of people visiting nearby on a daily basis.


  • Georgetown – Named after the first president of the United States, this city is one of the major locations along the Potomac River that played a major part in the founding of the nation. This was once a major port and has continued to be one of the major locations for commerce and trade. This area is known for the many boutiques, shops, restaurants, and none other than Georgetown University. Sightseeing is a major thing here, and the city is known for its grand display of Christmas every year.


  • Fairfax – This independent city is one of the more historic areas within the city. It was a major point of interest for Colonial and Revolutionary points in the founding of the United States. The city is financially well off, is known for its economic stability, and is home to some of the highest ranking educational centers as well as a highly educated population. The area has even garnered some high praise from surveys of the best places to live in the United States.


  • Penn Quarter – What is also known as Chinatown has seen some major improvements in the last decades. Many people associate the growth of the renovations in this area with the completion of the large scale Verizon Center. The area has been completely revamped with new constructions, renovations, upgrades to museums, and is now a great example of gentrification.


The above are just 4 neighborhoods in the area, all of which are historical in many ways, as the whole city is really a historical location. These smaller pieces of the larger area that is known as Washington DC can present a great point of interest for those that are looking to invest in real estate or move to the city for a variety of reasons.

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